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Before you wet your toes, wet your appetite for supreme luxury with a little luxury reading for the coffee table.

There’s nothing like having information at your fingertips and thanks to Tablets and Smartphones, you can check out our range of Hot Tubs and SwimSpas online whenever and wherever you want. But sometimes, it’s nice to have something tangible that you can flick through at your own leisure.

We’ve a number of detailed, glossy Hot Tub and SwimSpa brochures that go a little deeper into the specs, features and conditioning benefits of our World’s Only Self-Cleaning Hot Tubs and SwimSpas.

If you’d like a Hydropool Brochure for the coffee table, simply fill in the form below.

Please be aware that, currently, the Buyers Guides are download only but will have some printed versions very soon.

Remember, you can experience the real thing too! Simply stop by a Spa Showroom to trial a swim test or catch us at a show.

  Hot Tub Brochure & Buyers Guide

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SwimSpa Brochure & Buyers GuideHydropool SwimSpas Brochures

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