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Buoyancy: Our bodies naturally feel lighter in water, taking stress off our joints and muscles, which makes moving around feel effortless rather than burdensome.

Temperature: Warm temperatures help the circulation of blood and ease muscular tension. Relaxing in warm, soothing water for just a short time creates a feeling of great comfort and relaxation.

Massage therapy: Massage itself is a proven means of alleviating discomfort, stress and anxiety, muscular tissue stress, and aid the treatment of many ailments. When you add hydrotherapy (heat and buoyancy) into the mix, the results are intensified.

By integrating ancient knowledge with contemporary ingenuity, we produce and provide the ultimate restorative tool, right in your own back garden! Below are just a few advantages of using a Hydropool hot tub.

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The feeling of “heaviness in the legs” is caused by a problem with the venous return process. After leaving the heart to circulate to the lower extremities, blood returns to the heart to gain oxygen. The process is passive and is driven by the pumping action of the muscles. The veins contain “check valves” that prevent venous stasis. Over time, if these valves fail to work properly, you may notice the appearance of varicose veins. Sometimes, the problem is simply that the veins have lost their mobility and that the venous return process is not sufficient. Then, the blood stagnates, which provokes the appearance of heavy leg symptoms.

These symptoms are often recurring episodes of “pins and needles”, and sometimes very painful cramps during sleep. To help these symptoms, the goal is to improve venous return through active venous drainage (efficient muscular activity) or passive venous drainage (muscular relaxation).

Recommendation: For muscular relaxation, we recommend a half-hour long walk before you begin the initial relaxation phase.

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Possibly the most common of all ailments, some have said that humanity has evolved from quadruped to biped much too quickly! Few are those who have never endured a “crick in the neck” or simple back pain. Back pain is caused by a variety of reasons, often combined. Your spine’s sworn enemies can be an unhealthy diet, trauma, intense physical activity or – conversely – a sedentary lifestyle. Each of these enemies cause reflective contraction of the paravertebral muscles, where back pain sets in. Unfortunately, there is no miracle cure. But to preserve your spine, your “tree of life,” the pain must be addressed.

Recommendation: Spare your back! Whenever you work, use your leg muscles rather than letting your back muscles bear the brunt of your activity to increase the muscularity of your abdominal belt and improve muscle tone. Lie on your back, with your pelvic area close to a wall, and lift your legs against the wall, perpendicularly. Remain in this position for approximately 5 minutes.



Headaches are a frequent problem for a lot of people and can be very debilitating. Their causes are many and, in some cases, unknown. But headache triggers are usually discernible, for example: anxiety, stress, worries and upset, fatigue, menstruation, fasting, alcohol, various foods, and climate-related factors. There can be an individual trigger for each kind of headache.

Recommendation: Since headaches are often related to muscular contractions, we recommend a full muscular massage.


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Mechanically, athletic activity overloads the motor system and affects the muscles, the tendons, the joints, the trunk and the spine. To eliminate this mechanical overload, you need a period of rest. This is a physiological necessity! This rest is called recovery. Recovery is described as the length of time required after physical effort for the body to return to a certain physiological state which will allow it to expend an equivalent effort once again, or a greater effort than initially. We suggest a recovery period of at least 20 minutes at the end of vigorous activity. Metabolic residues (toxins) must never stay in the muscle tissue and must be eliminated as quickly as possible.

Recommendation: It’s all a matter of eliminating toxins! A massage that combines air and water is beneficial to the venous and lymphatic return systems by eliminating toxins and restoring balance to the circulating fluids (blood and lymphatic fluid). This high-action massage kneads the muscles, restoring suppleness and elasticity.



Your body is regularly cycling blood from your extremities. Sometimes there are a number of problems with this procedure that can make you uneasy (think of the sensation of pins and needles in your arms and legs). Buoyancy and temperature help your natural circulation, and when we add massage therapy into the mix, we see actual, substantial enhancements to your circulation.

As we age, our joints often become more rigid. The buoyancy of a Hydropool alleviates the stress and anxiety placed on your joints. When we incorporate this alleviation with warm temperature and massage, we gradually notice enhances versatility, as well as fewer aches and pains caused by day to day activity.

Recommendation: Regular activity, exercise, appropriate rest and, of course, regular massage! Just in case you’re looking for another reason to get a massage! High-action hydrotherapy kneads the muscles, restoring suppleness and elasticity, and improves circulation.


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Insomnia is a symptom, not a disease. It’s one of the most common disorders in our busy lives. Before we can even think of treating insomnia, it is essential to discover its causes. There are many causes of insomnia, most of which relate to our lifestyle habits and our environment.

Soaking in a soothing hot tub for before bed will cause your core body temperature to increase – and drop quickly. This rapid decrease in body temperature will induce a natural feeling of relaxation to place you in a deeper state of rest.

Here are a few tips for a sleep-oriented lifestyle:

  • • Watch your evening meals (no excess).
  • • Avoid consuming excitant ie; caffeine, chocolate
  • • But mostly, relax before going to sleep.

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