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While hot tubs have the ability to enhance your daily wellness routine, alleviate painful joints and soothe tired muscles, they still need to be maintained to work at their best. Like any leisure appliance that uses water, regular maintenance is essential to ensure the water remains clean and pure and the plumbing system it runs through is working correctly and safely.

There are a number of ways to keep your hot tub clean and in good working order for long term enjoyment, and whether that’s by using chemicals, self-cleaning technology or vacuuming, we’ll discuss all three here.



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While it might be obvious that the water in your hot tub needs treating, it might not be clear what that entails. Water can carry pathogens and bacteria which can grow and spread quickly within the hot tub as it’s a small body of warm water. With hot tubs being usually above 32 degrees Celsius the build-up of scale can be rapid, so making sure the water is consistently cleaned and filtered is vital for stopping any spread of unwanted organisms and ensuring the hot tub water is safe to use each and every time.

Chemicals such as chlorine and bromine are commonly used, usually in tablet or granule form, as a cleaning and water treatment method. In fact, chlorine and bromine are the only approved sanitisers for killing bacteria, which is why all systems in one form or another use either of these two chemicals. Usually this is distributed through a floating dispenser that would need to be refilled on a regular basis.

This however can lead to problems, as having chlorine or bromine continuously dissolving in your hot tubs system can, under the right circumstances, lead to erosion of your plumbing, head pillows and your covers. This occurs when the tablet continually dissolves into the water, even when you’re not in the hot tub, leading to more regular repairs or replacement of parts than under normal use or wear and tear.

Water Treatment

Water Treatment

UVC treatment is increasingly becoming the industry’s go to system for treating water, as it reduces chemical dependency and halts the spread of waterborne pathogens. UVC light is employed as a natural, safe way to treat the water which Hydropool offers as an optional upgrade on some of our collections through our Pure Water AOP system, which combines ozone and UVC to eliminate 99% of all known pathogens.

While this technology has been around for a few decades now, it’s mainly been used in the medical industry and home water purification systems. Utilising its incredible benefits in a hot tub, has meant Hydropool no longer needs to create products that use chlorine or bromine to treat the water.

Alongside this, the UVC technology is only working when the PureWater system operates which is when your hot tub is active and circulating. This means a cleaner, safer hot tub experience that filters and cleans the water only when in use, saving your pillows, covers and plumbing from potential erosion.


What sets Hydropool apart from any other hot tub brand is our self-cleaning technology, found exclusively in our Signature Collection. The self-cleaning system filters the water in only 15 minutes, making it the only self-cleaning hot tub in the world.

Our hot tub system is designed to have a continuous flow of water, thanks to the strategically place jets and seating layout. This pushes any floating debris towards the high flow skimmer, collecting it in a single place that makes it easy to remove and throw away anything inside. Any debris too heavy to float, gets pushed to the bottom of the hot tub and sucked up by the Hydropool floor vacuum. This cuts down on the maintenance time needed to keep your hot tub running clean and clear, leaving you more time to enjoy it.

Self-Cleaning Technology
Self-Cleaning Technology

Even with this technology incorporated, we recommend that you drain your hot tub and refill it every 3-4 months. This will enable you to get fresh water into it when the old liquid can no longer absorb chemicals, minerals and anything else soluble that ends up in the hot tub, resulting in a build-up of what is called Total Dissolved Solids (TDS).

For example, if you keep putting sugar into a cup of tea, eventually it won’t be able to be dissolved due to reaching maximum absorption. This will lead to a reduction in your hot tub’s efficiency and overall cleanliness, so replacing the water on a quarterly basis will keep it running at optimum effective levels.

Hydropool hot tubs have a quick drain system too. Rapidly draining the hot tub allows the whole cleaning and refilling process to move as a much greater speed, with it being 8 times faster than any other brand on the market today.


The great new is, an indoor or outdoor hot tub is far less work to purchase and maintain than a swimming pool. Our Classic and Serenity collections don’t have the HydroClean floor vacuum, so if you choose one of those ranges, you might need to use a hot tub vacuum or net to remove debris such as grass cuttings, sand or leaves every now and then.

As mentioned above, our Signature Self-Cleaning collection has some of the best hot tubs in the UK and are the only ones in our range that have a floor HydroClean vacuum, eliminating the need to carry out the vacuuming yourself.

Hot Tub Vacuum


Hot tub maintenance is something any owner has to do, but it doesn’t have to be a chore. The most important thing is that it’s being done regularly to ensure the hot tub is clean and safe to use. To take a lot of the pressure out of this, we recommend our Signature Self-Cleaning collection. It’s our most popular hot tub range for a reason with models for 2-3 people all the way up to 9 person models. Check out some of the amazing features it offers here.


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