Hydropool Hot Tub Collections

The Signature Self Cleaning Collection

  • Self Cleaning 395 Hot Tub

    Signature Self Cleaning 395 3

    The Signature 395 2-3 person hot tub is designed for small spaces and comes in 2 depths, 30" and 37"


  • Self Cleaning 495 Hot Tub

    Signature Self Cleaning 495 4

    The Signature 495 is a true-4-person hot tub with a stunning European design, suited for tight spaces.


  • Self Cleaning 570 Hot Tub

    Signature Self Cleaning 570 5

    The perfect for couples and small families who are looking for that "just right" feeling!


  • Self Cleaning 670 Hot Tub

    Signature Self Cleaning 670 6

    The Signature 670 is equipped with a long lounger that can accommodate a wide range of heights.


  • Self Cleaning 695 Hot Tub

    Signature Self Cleaning 695 7

    The Signature 695 Hot tub features a large foot well, s-shaped immersion lounger and a great leg massage.


  • Self Cleaning 720 Hot Tub

    Signature Self Cleaning 720 7

    The Signature 720 is a large, spacious all-seater hot tub with a large footwell perfect for social families.


  • Self Cleaning 770 Hot Tub

    Signature Self Cleaning 770 7

    The Signature 770 Hot Tub comfortably seats 7 and features a never-float lounger with a huge footwell.


  • Self Cleaning 790 Hot Tub

    Signature Self Cleaning 790 7

    The Signature 790 is an intimate 7-8 person hot tub with double loungers.


  • Self Cleaning 970 Hot Tub

    Signature Self Cleaning 970 9

    The Signature 970 is one of the industries largest hot tubs with room for up to 9 people.


The Serenity Collection

  • Serenity 4300 Hot Tub

    Serenity 4300 4

    The Serenity 4300 is perfect for those looking for a smaller tub that feels large inside!


  • Serenity 4500 Hot Tub

    Serenity 4500 4

    The Serenity 4500 4-person hot tub with a lounger that doubles as a unique cool-down ledge.


  • Serenity 5900 Hot Tub

    Serenity 5900 5

    The Serenity 5900 features comfortable deep seats and full-body massage with space for 5.


  • Serenity 6600 Hot Tub

    Serenity 6600 6

    The Serenity 6600 is a small but spacious spa, with 2 captain seats and 4 Massage Zones.


  • Serenity 6800 Hot Tub

    Serenity 6800 6

    The Serenity 6800 is a spacious 6 person hot tub with 4 deep captain seats, perfect for entertaining.


The Classic Collection

  • Serenity SE4L Hot Tub

    Classic SE4L 4

    The SE 4L is our smallest hot tub, featuring a full body massage lounger and 3 additional hydrotherapy seats.


  • Serenity SE5L Hot Tub

    Classic SE5L 5

    The spacious 5L is built with quality and comfort in mind so all you have to do is relax and enjoy.