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Hydropool Hot Tubs

Three Great Hot Tub Collections

Our Signature Self-Cleaning collection provides the ultimate in luxury, comfort and massage.
Our Serenity collection features sleek lines and a stunning cabinet.
The Classic collection features affordable luxury for everyone.

The Signature Self-Cleaning Models

  • Self Cleaning 395 Hot Tub

    Signature 395 - 3 Person Hot tub 3

    The Signature 395 2-3 person hot tub is designed for small spaces and comes in 2 depths, 30" and 37"


  • Self Cleaning 495 Hot Tub

    Signature 495 - 4 Person Hot Tub 4

    The Signature 495 is a true-4-person hot tub with a stunning European design, suited for tight spaces.


  • Self Cleaning 570 Hot Tub

    Signature 570 - 5 Person Hot Tub 5

    The perfect for couples and small families who are looking for that "just right" feeling!


  • Signature 670 - 6 Person Hot Tub 6

    The Signature 670 is equipped with a long lounger that can accommodate a wide range of heights.


  • Self Cleaning 695 Hot Tub

    Signature 695 - 6 Person Hot Tub 7

    The Signature 695 Hot tub features a large foot well, s-shaped immersion lounger and a great leg massage.


  • Self Cleaning 720 Hot Tub

    Signature 720 - 7 Person Hot Tub 7

    The Signature 720 is a large, spacious all-seater hot tub with a large footwell perfect for social families.


  • Self Cleaning 770 Hot Tub

    Signature 770 - 7 Person Hot Tub 7

    The Signature 770 Hot Tub comfortably seats 7 and features a never-float lounger with a huge footwell.


  • Self Cleaning 790 Hot Tub

    Signature 790 7-8-Person Hot Tub 7

    The Signature 790 is an intimate 7-8 person hot tub with double loungers.


  • Self Cleaning 970 Hot Tub

    Signature 970 - 9 Person Hot Tub 9

    The Signature 970 is one of the industries largest hot tubs with room for up to 9 people.


The Signature Self-Cleaning Hot Tub Collection

If only it could clean the house, too! With nine models to choose the Signature Self-Cleaning collection features forty years of development and innovation experience as a leader in the hot tub industry. Providing the ultimate in luxury comfort, massage and ease of maintenance the Signature Self-Cleaning collection benefits from a host of exclusive features to give you the ultimate hot tub experience. Our exclusive patented self-clean technology filters 100% of the water in only 15 minutes making it the world’s easiest hot tubs to maintain, ensuring you are spending more time relaxing in your hot tub than maintaining it. Each hot tub in the Signature Self-Cleaning collection is complete with a wellness guide to ensure you get the best wellness program from your hot tub and our platinum and titanium models include our hydrotherapy control offering the world’s only pre-programmed massage therapy that features eight hydrotherapy programs, such as leg pain, back pain, sports recovery, headache and insomnia providing the ultimate stress relief.
Patened Self-Cleaning Technology
Worlds Only Pre-Programmed Massage
Energy Efficiency5 Stars
Starting Price Range£££ – ££££

The Hydropool Serenity Models

  • Serenity 4300 Hot Tub

    Serenity 4300 - 3 Person Hot Tub 4

    The Serenity 4300 is perfect for those looking for a smaller tub that feels large inside!


  • Serenity 4500 Hot Tub

    Serenity 4500 - 4 Person Hot Tub 4

    The Serenity 4500 4-person hot tub with a lounger that doubles as a unique cool-down ledge.


  • Serenity 5900 - 5 Person Hot Tub 5

    The Serenity 5900 features comfortable deep seats and full-body massage with space for 5.


  • Serenity 6600 Hot Tub

    Serenity 6600 - 6 Person Hot Tub 6

    The Serenity 6600 is a small but spacious spa, with 2 captain seats and 4 Massage Zones.


  • Serenity 6800 Hot Tub

    Serenity 6800 - 6 Person Hot Tub 6

    The Serenity 6800 is a spacious 6 person hot tub with 4 deep captain seats, perfect for entertaining.


The Serenity Collection

Our Serenity collection features sleek lines and stunning cabinets and high flow filtration, the serenity is a great spa for anyone. Each Serenity model comes in one easy-to-understand configuration with limited options and upgrades, making it easy for you to enjoy simplicity at its best. The Serenity collection comes in 3 different sizes. This collection features premium lighting and exterior moonlights, 2 Aqua Blade waterfalls, premium design maintenance-free cabinetry and our weather seal insulation system. Every model also features non-slip padding throughout the spa for safe east entry and exit.
StandardPremium Led Lighting
OptionalPure Water System
Energy Efficiency4.5 Stars
Starting Price Range$$ – $$$

The Hydropool Classic Models

  • Serenity SE4L Hot Tub

    Classic SE4L - 4 Person Hot Tub 4

    The SE 4L is our smallest hot tub, featuring a full body massage lounger and 3 additional hydrotherapy seats.


  • Serenity SE5L Hot Tub

    Classic SE5L - 5 Person Hot Tub 5

    The spacious 5L is built with quality and comfort in mind so all you have to do is relax and enjoy.


The Classic Collection

The Classic collection features affordable luxury for everyone. With simple timeless designs, the Classic collection is very flexible with 110v or 220V convertibility that allows you to simply plug into a regular outlet with no need for an electrician, saving you money at the time of install making them perfect for smaller spaces, first-time buyers or someone looking to downsize.
Plug & Play 110v or 220V Convertible
OptionalEZ-Pure Ozone System
Energy Efficiency4 Stars
Price Range$ – $$
Classic Hot Tubs Collection

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