Project Description

Can things that were hot – still be cool after 20 years?


This year was notable for the birth of the first clone, Dolly the Sheep, which was pretty cool. It was also the time that the first girl band with Ginger, Sporty, Posh, Scary and Baby of the Spice Girls’ had their first hit ‘Wannabe’.

Also hitting the news in ’96 was the introduction of the first genetically modified (or GM) food to go on sale in British supermarkets. Modified tomato puree was the cause of all the fuss with some critics dubbing it a “Frankenstein food”.

The world of sport was dominated by England’s hosting of the European football championships (Euro ’96). The England v Scotland group stage match drew much attention with Gazza’s wonder goal eventually stealing the win for the home team.

Entertainment wise, carrot topped Chris Evans re-invented the chat show format with his hit show ‘TFI Friday’. Presenting celebrity gossip, the hippest bands and lad friendly guests, this unscripted, chaotic program briefly made Evans the most sought after man on TV … we’ve yet to see how he does on with his latest incarnation on ‘Top Gear’.

The big screen was blessed with one of the best British films, ‘Trainspotting’. Despite featuring heroin, needles, vomit and disgusting toilet bowls, this was the coolest thing of the year and took Ewan McGregor from nowhere to ‘Star Wars’.

The more family friendly film of 1996 was ‘Toy Story’; it being the first feature length movie ever to be animated entirely by computer. The results were quite stunning and people flocked to see ‘Woody’ (a pull-string cowboy) and ‘Buzz Lightyear’ (a high-tech space ranger) battle it out to become little Andy’s favourite toy.


So, is there anything that was cool twenty years ago that is still cool today?

Well, Aston Martin for one. Not just cool, but sub-zero as they would say on a certain car show.

There is one more thing that has survived the test of time and is still cool and that would be Hydropool Hot Tubs that first began trading in 1996.

Now more than a place to relax and enjoy some convivial company, they are at the forefront of a new health wave that is all about wellness.

Maintaining an optimal level of wellness is absolutely crucial to improving your    quality life. Wellness matters. Wellness matters because everything we do and every emotion we feel relates to our wellbeing.

Hydropool UK have been trusted by British homeowners for 20 years and they’ve continued to build on their reputation for excellence in customer care, backed by their specialist technicians and installation crews, ensuring your peace of mind for at least the next twenty years.

So Hydropool Hot Tubs have been reinvented as the latest must-have for the health conscious, which makes them still cool … even after 20 years.