What a Hot Tub Costs in the UK in 2024: Your Complete, Unbiased Guide

Trying to find the true cost of a hot tub is a chore. Most companies don’t put their prices online. If you call them, they want you to come to the store to discuss your possible purchase. At the store, you find out there’s delivery and electrical and the cost of a place to put your hot tub and on and on. And then the salesperson asks you to buy, so you squirm on the spot.

By Jon Filson

Hydropool Hot Tubs and Swim Spas

Published Nov 07, 2023

Trying to find the true cost of a hot tub is a chore. 

Most companies don’t put their prices online. If you call them, they want you to come to the store to discuss your possible purchase. At the store, you find out there’s delivery and electrical and the cost of a place to put your hot tub and on and on. And then the salesperson asks you to buy, so you squirm on the spot. 

We actually don’t want that for you at Hydropool. We want customers to know as much as possible before they come in. “How much does a hot tub cost?” is our most popular hot tub question in our stores, over email and via phone. This article is intended to answer that, as best as we can. 

But we know that’s not the total price. The total price that most people pay, on average for a hot tub in the UK, is around £7950 (See how easy it can be: And we didn’t even make you drive anywhere.) 

Here are the important price factors:

  • £7500 for the hot tub, which will include shipping (which can vary)
  • £100 for any concrete pad, blocks or deck
  • £350 for electrical. Most acrylic hot tubs have to be hardwired in, which requires an electrician.

The total, about £7950, all in.

That’s an average cost. Hydropool retailers sell a hot tub called DreamMaker in this range (these hot tubs are about £3,500-£7,500). 

Hydropool is at the premium end of the UK hot tub market, like Land Rover is when it comes to SUVs. The premium average is a little higher: Hydropool’s top seller in the U.K. is the Signature 670, which begins at £13,495. Unlike many hot tub companies, you can find the price of every Hydropool hot tub on our website. Just go to any model page and the price will be listed.

In the rest of this article, we’re going to break down the total costs of purchasing a hot tub in the UK so you can have a full understanding of what the ranges are. This is an average: You can pay less or more than this, depending on what you’re looking for. And sometimes there are unique costs, such as crane delivery, depending on your location (that generally costs about £500, if it is required.)

By the end, we hope you’ll have a good understanding of all the costs involved! 

What determines a hot tub’s price? 

Let’s go over the main hot tub price factors:

  • The type of hot tub: Hot tub prices can be as low as £300 for entry level hot tubs and as high as £25,000. That’s such a wide range because it includes the least expensive inflatable hot tubs up to the high-end ultra-luxury brands.
  • Shipping is a key component with hot tubs: Where your hot tub is made will have an impact on the final price. A hot tub tough enough made to handle Canadian winters will have to come from Canada to get to you.
  • The base: You need pavers or a deck or any sturdy, flat surface. You may have this already, or you may need a few trips to the store to get something that works for you. You may want to hire someone to do this work for you. A good retailer will have people who can help you here.
  • The electrical: Most acrylic hot tubs – the kind Hydropool sells – require an electrician for installation. Others have “plug and play” options.
  • The delivery: In the UK, crane deliveries happen in areas where houses are packed tightly together. Most hot tubs can be turned on their side and delivered that way, so they can get to most gardens. Cranes start at £500 but can reach £1000 depending on your situation. A helicopter drop can cost £6000, but are quite rare (although handy if you’ve got a really tight spot to get into).

Why do hot tubs cost so much? 

What are the important factors that determine a hot tub’s price?

  • What a hot tub is made of: You can get a plastic inflatable hot tub for £300. Some high-end acrylic hot tubs can cost up to £20,000, and you can stop anywhere in-between for roto-mold hot tubs or acrylic ones.
  • How it’s made: If it’s made by robots, it will cost you less than if it is made elsewhere, or by hand. The tradeoff is that the range of options available decreases with robot technology as it the robots are less flexible than other methods (Hydropool hot tubs are made almost entirely by hand).
  • Where it’s made: If it’s made far away, there will be more shipping charges (Hydropool hot tubs are made in Canada). If it’s made close by you may save money. If it’s made in China, what we have seen is that sometimes these hot tubs are of good quality, while sometimes they are not. While there has been an enormous amount of manufacturing done in China for decades, hot tub production is still relatively new there.
  • What options and features it has: Different manufacturers do this differently: Some add lots of features like lights and waterfalls and some make them optional. Some have staggered lineups, of good/better/best (or variations on that theme, Hydropool is one of these, with a better/best offering and DreamMaker as its entry-level).
  • The intended usage: Are you partying in it frequently with the jets running a lot? That’s going to be on the higher end. Do you want a hot tub to use primarily as an outdoor warm bath? That kind of simple tub is considerably less.
  • The size of the hot tub: If you need room for eight it’s going to cost more than a hot tub with room for four. Most hot tubs are built for 4-6 people.
  • Specialized equipment, such as specific jets or cleaning elements: Some hot tubs come with unique jets, which focus on one area of your body, like your back. Hot Spring’s MotoMassage would be an example of this. Hydropool has a unique self-cleaning system on its high-end Signature line of hot tubs.
  • Inventory: How much stock a company actually has (this one is very tough for the customer to actually know). But if you ever find out the company actually has a lot, it is a great time to buy (here’s a tip: post-Covid, still in 2024 supply is way up for most manufacturers).
  • Quality: In many ways, this is the most important one. An energy efficient hot tub with a comprehensive warranty that comes with a good hot tub cover is a better buy in the long run than the lowest possible entry price. If your hot tub falls apart shortly after you buy it, it doesn’t matter what you paid up front. Your best bet is to look for retailers and companies that have been around decades (self serving we know, since we have been in business since 1980. But companies making poor products just don’t last that long. Eventually the market figures them out.)

So what most people do is spend around £7950 (again, that’s all in, not just for the tub). That gets you into an acrylic tub, which is the kind most people want today: Acrylic tubs make up about 70 per cent of the hot tub market (for more on different kinds of hot tubs, click here).

How much do hot tubs cost? 

It’s a tough question but we hop we gave you a good idea about how much hot tubs cost in the UK.

Hot tubs come in such a wide range of pricing that giving the range is essentially meaningless. From £300 to £25,000 doesn’t help much. So we wanted to tell you what most people pay because it gives you the best indication of the average cost. And most people pay around £7950, for the hot tub, installation, electrical and delivery – that’s everything, all in.  

A hot tub isn’t an average buy for everyone though. Hydropool’s hot tubs, as well as many other brands, are more premium products. 

If you’re looking for more on the top brands, have a look at this article. If you’re looking for more on Hydropool’s hot tub lineup, you can look here.

What you want to pay may be more, it may be less than the average. The best way to figure out a more exact price is to talk to a local dealer, who can help explain the specific costs for your situation. Find the one closest to you here

Jon Filson is the Senior Content Manager at Hydropool Hot Tubs and Swim Spas.