What Are Some Hot Tub Benefits?




  Buoyancy: Our bodies naturally feel lighter in water, taking stress off our joints and muscles, which makes moving around feel effortless rather than burdensome. Temperature: Warm temperatures help the circulation of blood and ease muscular tension. Relaxing in warm, soothing water for just a short time creates a feeling of comfort and relaxation. Massage therapy: Massage itself is a proven means of alleviating discomfort, stress and anxiety, muscular tissue stress, and aiding the treatment of many ailments. When you add hydrotherapy (heat and buoyancy) into the mix, the results are intensified.
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The feeling of heaviness in the legs is caused by a problem with the venous return process. After leaving the heart to circulate to the lower extremities, blood returns to the heart to gain oxygen. The process is passive and is driven by the pumping action of the muscles. The veins contain check valves that prevent venous stasis. Sometimes, the problem is simply that the veins have lost their mobility and that the venous return process is not sufficient. Then, the blood stagnates, which provokes the appearance of heavy leg symptoms. Hydropool hot tubs are perfect for loosening muscles and allowing your body to relax. With our multiple seating options in the Signature and Serenity collections, you can target specific muscles groups, allowing deep, intensive hydrotherapy while remaining in a relaxing position.
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One of the most common problems we have is back pain. Back pain is caused by a variety of reasons, such as poor posture, sport injuries, or an accident. These muscles are vital for connecting our upper body to our lower half and can have significant impact on our overall manoeuvrability. Using a hot tub regularly can alleviate tension and help your muscles return to a neutral position, allowing the body to heal and increase recovery times. Both the Serenity and Signature Self-Cleaning range provide ergonomically designed seats and loungers to maximise comfortability and hydrotherapy effects.


Headaches are a frequent problem for a lot of people, and almost everyone will experience its effects at some point in their life. Hot tubs can be a great way to increase your wellness and relieve headaches, reduce stress and create a comforting atmosphere. We’ve designed out seating to have jets that target the lower neck region and help reduce pressure around the upper body. Alongside this, our seats are ergonomically designed to allow a relaxing experience no matter which zone therapy program you are using.

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Most sports are physical in nature, and require some form of physical activity to perform them. This can lead to muscles been overused and strained while our joints too can take significant impact. As a result, our muscles and joints can take time to recover and return to their natural state. Hydropool hot tubs can help reduce recovery times with our pre-set hydrotherapy programs that target muscles groups. The use of heat and water will help to loosen muscles and increase elasticity, helping you get back into your activity faster.


As with dealing with sports injuries and recovery, using a hot tub can improve circulation and flexibility. Through buoyancy and heat, a hot tub can increase joint flexibility and increase the circulation of blood to key muscle groups, reducing strain and fatigue. Using one of our hydrotherapy zones throughout the hot tub you can target specifically overworked areas, releasing tension and allowing for a faster recovery. This will allow you to function more normally and get back to what you want to do quicker.
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Sleep is something all humans need. But, we can go through periods in our lives where it’s not easy to get it. A lack of sleep can lead to poor mental health and wellbeing, reduced productivity, mood swings and lethargic feelings. Soaking in a soothing hot tub before bed will cause your core body temperature to increase – and drop quickly. This rapid decrease in body temperature will induce a natural feeling of relaxation to place you in a deeper state of rest, allowing you to sleep easier.
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